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Oncology in Zululand

The radiation oncology unit at Richard’s Bay Medical Institute offers much needed oncology services to the community of Richard’s Bay, surrounding areas and the greater Zululand area. The only two oncologists servicing the entire region, Prof Arno Jordaan and Dr Smitha Abraham are still a part of the Richard’s Bay Medical Institute team.

Services offered:

  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • 3d conformal radiotherapy
  • Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT)
  • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy
  • Volume-modulated radiotherapy
  • Electron beam radiotherapy
  • Stereotactic radiation therapy
  • Radiology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Remote access of planning systems for remote contouring, analysing and approving patient treatment plans
  • Varian Truebeam Accelerator

    The radiation oncology unit at Richards Bay Medical Institute is fitted with a Varian Truebeam Linac. This high tech piece of equipment, is still the only one of its kind in the Zululand and has highly advanced technology that makes it possible to deliver radiation treatment to our patients faster and quicker with very high accuracy and precision ultimately giving back patient their time.

    To book your consultation today please call:

    Prof. JP Jordaan

    +27 (0) 35 789 0302

    Dr S Abraham

    +27 (0) 35 780 0240