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Cardiac Clinic

Our dedicated JMH Cardiac Clinic situated at City Hospital in the Durban CBD offers discounted rates that are suitable for all including pensioners and those not on medical aid. After your consultation, your referring doctor will be provided with detailed feedback. This may include the need for further cardiac management.

Services Offered :

Services Prices
Electrocardiogram (ECG) R125.00
Electrocardiogram (ECHO) R1250.00
Consultation R1000.00
Holter monitor (24,48 and 72 hours) R520.00
Stress testing (treadmill test) R1000.00
Full cardiac workup (cover ECG Echo, Consultation and treadmil testing) R2500.00
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) R370.00
  • Pre medical work-ups
  • Consultations by a cadiologist and assistance by trained cardiac technologists and nursing staff
  • Cardiac Clinic