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Breast Clinic

Opened in 2022, the Ascot Breast Clinic, in partnership with respected specialist surgeon, Dr Sanjeev Hariparsad, provides access to:

  • Breast cancer awareness and information
  • Diagnostic intervention and care
  • Support services by experts in the field
  • Definitive care from a range of professionals

Dr Hariparsad also specialises in the latest oncoplastic approaches to breast cancer surgery. For the patient this means less mastectomies and more breast preservation surgeries. Further, oncoplastic approaches allow for larger resection of tissue, which increases tumour margin clearance, and preserves the breast without major deformity. The effect that this has on a patient is far reaching and positive includes mental, emotional and physical well-being of breast cancer survivors.

At the Ascot Breast Clinic patients also have access to specialised surgery for breast lumps, nipple discharge, accessory breast tissue, and lymph node biopsy. Surgical interventions are also accompanied by chemotherapy treatment where necessary and this creates a multi-disciplinary space which facilitates high levels of patient care and positive outcomes.

Specialised surgery includes :

  • Oncoplastic breast preservation surgery
  • Breast lumps
  • Nipple discharge
  • Accessory breast tissue
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast cancer and genetic screening
  • Axillary surgery
  • Lymph node and sentinel node biopsy
  • Dr SD Hariparsad

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