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Mother & Childcare

The First Steps

JMH would like to congratulate you on the wonderful journey of life you are taking. We understand that this time may also be overwhelming for you but rest assured that at JMH we are here to support, assist and guide you through this process.

We trust that the birth of your baby will be a memorable and happy event. It is the aim of our team to ensure that your delivery proceeds smoothly, and that your birthing experience is a comfortable one for you and your baby.

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We have put together some guidelines especially for you to take note of.

  • To ensure a smooth hospital stay with us we advise you to book your bed at our reception at least 28 to 32 weeks ahead of your due date.
  • You are invited to visit our maternity ward before your expected delivery date. A free orientation can be arranged prior to admission. Please call your hospital to arrange a tour at a date and time that suits you.
  • For Our Private Patients

    Our JMH Maternity Cash Packages offer competitive rates. Arrangements can be made regarding payment. For further information and a full cost breakdown tailored just for you, please call your preferred hospital below for assistance or simply email .

  • City Hospital : +27 31 314 3000
  • Durdoc Hospital : +27 31 327 5100
  • Isipingo Hospital : +27 31 913 7000
  • All JMH fees are discounted packages and will be required to be settled on admission. Fees are JMH hospital fees and do not include fees of other service providers. All pricing is based on a set basket of consumables, theatre time and hospital stay. In the event that theatre time, length of stay and medical stock is in excess of the above, these costs must be settled separately. (T’s and C’s apply)

    What To Bring Along With You

    Towards the end of your pregnancy, from about 32 weeks, it is advisable to have a bag ready for the birth of your baby.

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    This bag should contain the following items:

    For Mom :

  • Warm socks / slippers, panties (regular or disposable)
  • Basic toiletries, cosmetics and hair care
  • Face cloth and soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Pyjamas (front opening for breast feeding)
  • Breast pads, breastfeeding bra
  • Sanitary towels
  • Loose maternity outfit ( For going home)
  • Cell phone charger and adapter
  • For your convenience the hospital will supply you with a hospital gown to wear during labour.

    For Baby :

  • Vests, Baby grower
  • Nappies
  • Cord spirits
  • Cotton wool
  • Wet wipes
  • Socks and Hat
  • Going home outfit and blanket
  • JMH promotes a baby friendly environment and therefore we promote and encourage breastfeeding to all new mother’s.

    What You Will Also Receive

  • A complimentary baby bag filled with essentials for you and baby.
  • The first immunisation at our hospitals at no cost.
  • Baby registration with the South Africa Department of Home Affairs*(at select hospitals).
  • Road to Health card including a full immunisation schedule to keep you and baby up to date.
  • Assistance with medical aid preauthorisation’s.
  • Access to our experienced nursing staff and midwives for breastfeeding support.
  • What to bring on Admission

  • Your ID document and / or of the main member
  • Medical aid membership card
  • Authorization number from your medical aid (kindly obtain such authorization number prior to your admission)
  • Please do not bring jewellery or other valuables with you to hospital
  • When Labour Starts

    Indications which necessitate immediate admission are if your water breaks or if you start bleeding.

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    Premature Labour: Do not ignore regular contractions just because your baby is not expected for another few weeks. Contact the maternity ward, your doctor, or simply come directly to our hospital if you are unsure of anything and describe what is happening to you. In some instances it is possible to stop premature labour by giving you medication. Should your baby be born prematurely, some of the facilities are equipped with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and highly experienced staff to care for you and your baby.

    Admission and First examination: Once you arrive at the hospital, tell the reception staff that you are in early labour/or showing signs of labour . You will be taken directly to the labour ward for admission. Your birth partner will then be required to return to reception where your admission details will need to be completed. Once you are admitted, a midwife will take a short history from you. She will examine you and listen to your baby’s heartbeat. An electronic tracing of the baby’s heart rate is recorded for about 10 minutes. The midwife will then inform your doctor with her findings and he/she will suggest further management and monitoring of foetal heart rate is done for 30 minutes on admission or assessment if patient presenting with any signs of labour

    Examination during labour: At regular intervals, the midwife will check and record your baby’s heartbeat, your temperature, pulse, blood pressure and urine. The doctor or midwife will also make regular internal examinations to check the progress of your labour and the dilatation of your cervix.

    Monitoring your baby: Modern technology has made the monitoring of your baby’s health much more accurate and comfortable. It is a vital exercise that, in the unlikely event of complications, immediate action will be taken. The on-call Peadiatrician will be contacted during or after your babies birth.

    Making you comfortable during labour: During your antenatal classes* you will have learned relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Our staff will assist you with these exercises during labour, to help you feel more relaxed. However, other options are available, so do not be afraid to ask any of our staff. Discuss the options with your doctor well before your due date. (*Antenatal classes available at selectec JMH hospitals) We support the concept of a Doula during birth for your own convenience, however a Qualified midwife will be attending to you during your birthing experience to assist your Obstretrician.Shoudl you be interested in using a Doula please let our nursing staff know.

    Sharing the Birth: Your birthing partner may stay with you in the labour ward, however, please note that they may be required to leave for medical reasons.

    Post natal ward: After delivery you will be transferred to the post natal ward. You and your partner, if you are mobile, can join the nursery sister in the nursery and watch baby’s first bath and examination. Your baby will be weighed and these details recorded on his/her crib card.with your permission from our nursery staff. Your paediatrician will be contacted and come on his round to examine the baby. If there are any concerns the nursery sister will inform your paediatrician promptly.

    House rules during your stay:

  • We will gladly accomodate x1 birthing partner to stay during the birth of your baby.
  • All birthing partners are kindly requested to also be dressed at the time of handover in the mornings at 7am. Birthing partners can come in from 8am, not allowed to stay overnight
  • Your clothing should be removed from the bathrooms and kept in a suitcase or bag of your choice so that they do not get taken through to our laundry by mistake. Please take extra care of your belongings during your stay with us.
  • Please try to keep the area around you clear of items in order to prevent any health and safety risks during an emergency.
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    Going Home:

  • Your doctor will determine when you are ready to be discharged. On discharge, you will be given all the advice necessary for you and your baby. Our friendly maternity staff will arrange your follow- up appointment with your obstetrician and paediatrician.
  • You will need a loose, comfortable outfit for yourself and an outfit for baby i.e.vest, nappy, babygrower, wrapping blanket or shawl. We recommend you bring a car seat to take baby home in.
  • Discharging your baby: On discharge your baby needs a final check by your paediatrician who will authorize the discharge. An educational talk will be given to you before you leave, including, amongst others, issues such as your baby’s needs, and suggested feeding schedules. Baby’s immunization card, Birth notification will be handed to you upon discharge. Nursing staff will accompany you to your car after you have signed the baby book.
    For many of you, the experience of having a baby will be a new one and one which we hope you will remember with joy. For those of you, who have other children, enjoy your new baby as much as you did the very first one. Congratulations and good luck. May you and your family have many years of happiness together.

    To ensure the optimum care for your baby we would like you to pay particular attention to our guidelines for the Nursery.

    Nursery :

  • Only parents and birthing partners are allowed in the nursery.
  • No siblings in the nursery.
  • Rooming-in is promoted, however limited to the private rooms and availability, due to layout in our facility, our mums go to nursery
  • Skin to skin is encouraged – please chat to our friendly nursing staff who will assist you and provide some information for you which is done in the nursery.
  • Visiting hours:

  • Open visiting hours for fathers
  • Please be mindful and enforce our JMH infection control guidelines with your visitors
  • Your maternity staff or Unit Manager will be able to advise on visiting times
  • Unexpected or group of visitors are welcome however, our nursing staff must be notified and they will assist for you to see your loved ones and for them to meet the newest member of your family.
  • For your additional comfort during your stay please take note of the below offerings at our hospital.

    Coffee Shop: Our coffee shop sell a selection of snacks, beverages and reading material*.

    Smoking: Cigarette smoking can harm your baby. Smoking is NOT allowed at the bedsides and is only permitted in a designated area.

    Baby Registration :

    Baby registration with the South Africa Department of Home Affairs. (at select hospitals)

    Some of our JMH hospitals offer baby registration in partnership with the South African Department of Home Affairs and specific days during the working week.

    Please chat to our friendly staff or unit manager who will be able to provide you with more information on the process to help you.

    JMH Group

    The following documents will be needed within 30 days of birth as mandated by the Department of Home Affairs :
    1. Proof of birth from Hospital or clinic (PBA form)
    2. Copy of the biological mother’s ID document.
    3. Copy of the biological father’s ID document
    4. A copy of the marriage certificate if parents are married to one another.
    5. Copy of the informant’s ID document e.g Social Worker, next of kin or legal guardian, etc ( not necessary if the informant is one of the parents)
    6. Both parents must be present where a child was born out of wedlock but wishes to assume father’s surname.
    7. The informant must be present.
    8. Bring original documents of the copied documents; i.e IDs and Certificates

    NB : Parents who are foreign nationals must produce valid identification documents e.g passports and/or asylum seeker certificate, temporary/permanent residence certificates. These are to be verified before the registration of birth.

    Safety and Security :

    The safety of mother and baby is one of the primary objectives of the maternity unit and our security system has been designed with this in mind. Please discuss any problems you may encounter with the Unit Manager.

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    Security measures include :

  • Security door, with access control, security personnel on duty 24hrs.
  • Only birth partner/parents are allowed in the nursery.
  • Special visiting hours.
  • A Staff member must accompany you and your baby to your car upon discharge.
  • ID bands to be removed only upon discharge.
  • Discharge check by security.
  • Inform a member of the staff when you are leaving the ward temporarily and ensure that your baby has been taken to the nursery before leaving the ward.

    Prior to your admission please inform your family and friends of these guidelines as this is in the best interest of your precious newborn.